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The Family Bond Keeps This Business Going Strong!

The Family Bond Keeps This Business Going Strong!

Tom Sutherland has recently joined his father, Alasdair Sutherland, as joint director of Rainbow International Cambridgeshire. Alasdair bought a Rainbow International franchise 20 years ago when Tom was just 5 years old. After joining the business as a part time technician in 2011, Tom has gone on to work his way up the ranks to becoming co Director in 2020.

When asked about his decision to become joint director of the business, Tom commented “I enjoyed the idea that any success or failure falls directly onto my shoulders, over the next 5-10 years I would like to see the business turning over a minimum £1 million per annum. This is a big target to strive towards, but something that keeps me motivated on a daily basis”. In the time Tom has been at the helm, he commented “we are most proud of our new social housing client that has so far brought in £170,000 since Jan of last year. This client is where the majority of my time is now spent”. This is a great achievement for the team, and we can see great things for this business in the future.

On Tom’s appointment as Co Director, his father and business partner Alasdair Sutherland commented “Tom being a part of the business has brought a new level of enthusiasm to gaining new clients and new technologies. This has been a great improvement”.

Rainbow Cambridge. Tel. 01223 891311