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Common Misconceptions Within Our Industry

Common Misconceptions Within Our Industry

Within our industry there is many ill advised theories, common misconceptions and half truths floating around. Rainbow International are intent on dispelling any misinformation and better informing the public, we believe this will not only advantage the industry through higher awareness of different remediation tactics but it will also help the general public  to right any issues within the property more effectively.


Common Misconceptions

1. The water tank in the loft has burst. A majority of the internal masonry walls have been affected through out the ground floor and first floor. A builder or building drying specialist has inspected the damage and recommended that all the paster and render on the affected walls mustbe removed to aid drying. – FALSE!

  1. The property certainly needs forced drying.
  2. This tactic will EVENTUALLY dry the property.
  3. Removing the plaster and render WILL cause a lot of mess.
  4. Removing the plaster and render is likely to cause additional damage to the walls.
  5. This process is expensive, time-consuming and old fashioned.

The Rainbow Way

  1. Install refrigerant dehumidifiers on the inspection to prevent secondary damage.
  2. Rainbow Technicians will evaluate the permeability of the render and plaster layers. These layers often hinder the drying process, this is why practitioners with less technical experience recommend removal.
  3. If the layers mentioned above prove likely to hinder the drying process then Rainbow technicians will perforate the layers to allow evaporation to bypass them. This creates virtually no dust, leaves no bare brick walls and is far less expensive.
  4. The Rainbow Technicians then tailor the correct drying equipment to suit this particular site.  This is often some form of heat drying equipment such as the DBK Drymatic II.
  5. Rainbow can then organise all of the reinstatement works to get you back to normal.


2. “Unfortunately all of this contents is going to have to be thrown away!”  –  You’ve had a flood or a fire at your home this is a horrendously stressful situation. To add to this someone that you or your insurance company has asked to quote to restore the property has said all of your treasured possessions are going to have to be thrown away!  –  FALSE!

The Rainbow Way

  1. Rainbow International have in house regional restoration centres.
  2. Rainbow International have a long list of pre approved restoration specialists. From furniture restoration to art conservation we’ve got you covered
  3. First the Rainbow technician will put into action mitigating tactics to prevent further damage to your property’s contents.
  4. Rainbow technicians will work through all affected contents within the property to establish the best course of action for you, our valued customer.
  5. Rainbow technicians are experienced and trained in determining whether items are economically restorable or not. If something is beyond economic restoration but has high sentimental value do not worry we are more than happy do our absolute best to restore the items to as close to pre-incident condition as possible.
  6. Any Contents items that do unfortunately need to be disposed of are not just flung in the bin, They are meticulously itemised, recorded and photographed. A report can be produced for whoever may need it.


3. “All electronics are ruined following a fire or a flood” – FALSE

The Rainbow Way

  1. Following a flood, as long as the restoration contractor acts fast and the electronic items were not turned on during the flooding event there are very few circumstances in which the items will be beyond economic restoration.
  2. Fires can be a little more tricky to restore affected electronic items. This is however not a reason to give up. At Rainbow Cambridge we have a device called an ultrasonic bath. This tool is designed to clean electronic items. We submerge the items in the bath, the machine uses ultrasonic waves to scrub the items clean. The items are then placed in a quick dry chamber in order to dry them before corrosion can take place.
3. Drying a building takes MONTHS! – FALSE
  1. Old fashioned drying techniques can take months to dry a property
  2. Drying contractors not acting proactively can lead to elongated drying times

The Rainbow Way

  1. The Rainbow technician will cater the drying regime to your specific site
  2. All Rainbow technicians have a vast knowledge of the latest and greatest drying techniques. With this knowledge we can make sure we are using the most effective tactics for you.
  3. Rainbow Internationals training program is one of the most intensive courses within the industry. Before our techs are even allowed on site by them selves they have to attend at least 5 solid weeks of training at our head office in Mansfield. This means that our technicians understand and practice proactive techniques in order to lower drying time and reduce damage within a property.