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Power On, Building Drying Started At Property In Suffolk

Power On, Building Drying Started At Property In Suffolk


Thieves Vandalised, stripped pipes and wiring out of this large unoccupied house in Suffolk, the water was left on so the property was badly flooded. The Rainbow Cambridge electrician quickly made this very neat installation of a temporary power supply board. This enabled Rainbow to install dehumidifiers and fans to start the building drying process, preventing further secondary damage. This is The Rainbow Way

The Rainbow Way

There are plenty of company’s claiming to be able to handle escapes of water within the home. Sure, in the end they may eventually be able to produce a satisfactory result. Why wait? Call now and get the premium Rainbow experience. Rainbow are a national network of extremely experienced practitioners within the damage restoration industry. A majority of our customers are national clients who expect the best from their contractors. This is exactly why they choose Rainbow international to provide services to their valued customers. We intend to provide this exceptional service to you directly as well.

Secondary Damage

Secondary damage occurs when a property is left in a damp condition for an extended period of time. Mould is the main consideration of an experienced building drying technician. Within 7-14 days of a property being left damp mould will start to set in FAST. Why not check out one of our many Blog posts explaining how mould within a property occurs and how it can be prevented. Here at Rainbow Cambridgeshire we are committed to educating the public about the industry and the problems property owners are presented with. We hope in turn this lets the property owner see for them selves the value in hiring in professional help, or we may even be able to educate someone to the level that they can complete work them selves and save a penny or two.

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