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Advice Of Cambridge Experts Proves Invaluable For Flooded Industrial Unit

Advice Of Cambridge Experts Proves Invaluable For Flooded Industrial Unit

The water damage clean up experts at Rainbow Cambridge recently came to the rescue at an old industrial unit which had been flooded by an escape of water.

The landlord wanted to install Rainbow dehumidifiers and fans immediately to dry out the building and begin the water damage clean up so that the tenant could get back in quickly, to avoid business interruption for the tenant and loss of revenue for the landlord.

The importance of a Risk Assessment

The first thing the Rainbow Cambridge team did was to carry out a Risk Assessment.  As part of this process, their fully trained and BDMA (British Damage Management Association) qualified Technicians found suspected asbestos materials that had been damaged in the escape of water.  To start operating the drying machines without removing the potentially dangerous materials, which could have been dispersed by the drying machines, would have left the landlord open to accusations of negligence and would have posed a serious potential health hazard

Recognising the urgency, Rainbow were able to make the suspect materials safe straight away, by sealing and sheeting off, during the initial visit. Once that had been undertaken, the Rainbow Cambridge team were then able to safely install dehumidifiers and fans as part of the drying programme. During the drying period, the Rainbow Cambridge technicians returned periodically to check the drying progress to ensure effective drying out in the optimum time.  The net result was that the machines were removed as soon as the job was completed so that the tenant could move back in quickly and the landlord avoided un-necessarily high equipment hire charges.

Why you need to act fast for effective escape of water restoration

An escape of water can lead to serious damage to your property and its contents, with mould, secondary and structural damage along with unhygienic living conditions all being potential consequences of standing water in a property. It is essential that all such escapes of water are treated with the correct drying treatments to prevent further damage, maintain the structural integrity of your home and promote good hygiene practices.

The team at Cambridge has the benefit of Rainbow’s 25 years’ experience in water damage clean up and has a wealth of technical experience and knowledge, which is why Rainbow are used by many of the UK’s major insurance companies on their policyholder’s claims, and work with many commercial organisations across the UK.

If you live, or operate from business premises in the Cambridge area and are faced with an escape of water from plumbing installations, the experts at Rainbow International in Cambridge should be your first port of call.  They can respond promptly to return your property to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible, minimising secondary damage, efficiently, effectively, with the minimum of disruption. Contact Rainbow International’s Cambridge branch on 01223  891311 southcambridge.rainbow-int.co.uk now for further advice and information.