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House Fire Near Bishops Stortford – The Rainbow Way

House Fire Near Bishops Stortford – The Rainbow Way

What To Expect From Rainbow Int

A house fire can be an extremely stressful time in a persons life. Not only have you had a house fire, you’re likely to have to move out of your home for an extended period of time. Rainbow Int are experts in reassuring the homeowner through explanation of the process but also via top class service.

The subject of this post is a property in the local area of Bishops Stortford. The cause of the fire, a common one which many people would not expect, the sun entered through the bedroom window magnifying on a mirror and caught an item of fire resistant furniture alight. Thankfully the furniture had been treated with a fire resistant process because if it hadn’t the house would have likely sustained structural damage.

Rainbows Task Following a House Fire

Rainbow were tasked with restoring the homeowners house and contents following the fire. A majority of the first floor contents was heavily sooted. The smoke damage also extended down to the ground floor. Rainbow were also asked to clean, deodorise and prepare the building for redecoration. Rainbow created a schedule of works that allowed the homeowner to still live on site in a spare room. This was at the request of the home owner but is also preferable from an insurers point of view to lower cost as much as reasonably possible.

 Stage 1 Pack Out

“Pack out” is the industry term for sorting through all of the house contents, sorting it into different process lines, packing it up for removal and finally presenting the policy holder/homeowner and the insurer with a report describing what items Rainbow believe will restore and which items we believe will need replacement. Once the report is compiled the policy holder/homeowner is encouraged to inspect the report, point out any items that they would either not like restored or items that they would like Rainbow to attempt to restore. When every aspect of the report has been finalised and authorisation has been given, Rainbow remove the contents for restoration to our in-house restoration facility and dispose of any items that are beyond economic restoration.

Stage 2 Building Restoration

Once all of the property contents has been safely stored away off site the building restoration can start. Rainbow use a variety of industry leading techniques to ready the property for the final redecoration. Rainbow leave a property completely odour and soot free.

Stage 3 Off Site Contents Restoration

While the Building Restoration process is in progress Rainbows highly skilled contents restoration team are hard at work meticulously restoring every item of your homes contents. Rainbow ensure that no odour remains by putting all contents through an ozone chamber which eliminates all odours.

Stage 4 Laundry

Rainbow cleans and restores most of your laundry in-house in order to maintain the level of quality that our customers expect. If for any reason Rainbow can not restore the laundry in house due to specialist requirements we have a list of pre approved trusted subcontractors that we use. Rainbow will organise, deliver and pick up the items from the subcontractors and redeliver them along with the remaining laundry to your destination of choice. alternatively Rainbow can store it along side your restored home contents.

Stage 5 Redelivery

Rainbow store the contents of your property until the time is right for you to move back in. Once you are ready the same staff that you have worked with through out will redeliver the contents. We can even unpack for you if needed. Rainbows pack out system allows us to replace the items exactly where they were previous to the fire. As you can see in the after picture above the bedroom is already to be slept in… As soon as the new bed is delivered from the furniture store!


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